How to Draw a Knight for Kids

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Hi, today I will show you how to draw a knight for kids. A knight is a heavily armed cavalry soldier, a bearer of the noble knightly tradition, dating back to the times of medieval. Knights occupied an important place in the feudal society and culture of European middle ages, standing below the lords, but above the common people.

Step 1

Draw a circle as a guide for the head (or rather the helmet) of the knight.

Step 2

Draw out the visor with vertical openings at the front of the helmet.

Step 3

In the upper part of the helmet draw wriggling feathers.

Step 4

Draw the bottom of the helmet and the torso as a rectangle.

Step 5

Sketch out the outlines of the legs and shoulders with the help of circles.

Step 6

Draw out the outlines of the arm and shield as in our example.

Step 7

Draw a sword and add some details as in the example below.

Step 8

The lesson on how to draw a knight for kids is ready, you can leave it as in this step or paint it as in the next step.

Step 9

You can color the knight in light blue or light gray. Feathers can be painted in red or blue. You can also draw a symbol on the shield if you want.

Knights occupied a critical place both in medieval culture and in contemporary works of art. We all saw similar knights in films, cartoons, and books about the Middle Ages or fantasy.

And of course, according to tradition – a shortened version of our lesson collected in one image.

How to Draw a Knight for Kids

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