How to Draw a Knight for Kids

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Today I will show you how to draw a knight for kids. This lesson consists of nine super simple steps and is created especially for children.

How to Draw a Knight for Kids
how to draw a knight

In this guide on how to draw a knight, I tried to use fairly simple geometric shapes. Using nine easy steps, a young artist can learn how to draw a pretty realistic warrior.

In addition, this lesson will help the child learn to maintain proportions when drawing a human figure, without being distracted by the details of the face.

So, a knight is a well-armed cavalry soldier, a bearer of a noble knightly tradition dating back to the Middle Ages. Knights occupied an important place in the feudal society and culture of the European Middle Ages, standing below the lords, but above the common people.

Over the centuries of the existence of knights, a huge variety of different types of armor have been created, but I decided to choose the most recognizable type for this lesson.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 40 minutes.

How to Draw a Knight for Kids

  1. Sketch out the head.

    Draw a circle as a guide for the head (or rather the helmet) of the knight. how to draw a knight for kids

  2. Sketch the visor the the helmet.

    Draw out the visor with vertical openings at the front of the helmet. learn how to draw a knight for kids

  3. Add the plume.

    In the upper part of the helmet draw wriggling feathers.
    how to draw a knight

  4. Draw the gorjet of the helmet and the torso

    Please note that this part should be noticeably larger in size than the to draw a knight for children

  5. Draw the shoulders and legs.

    The shoulders should look like two circles. Draw the legs using smooth and long lines.learn to draw a knight easy

  6. Draw the arms and shield.

    Start with the knight’s right arm. Next, draw the shield covering the left arm. After that draw the tasset around the hips.step by step drawing knight

  7. Draw the sword and add details.

    After drawing the sword, sketch out the elbow pads and knee pads. Draw armor lines on the feet.learn to draw a knight for beginners

  8. Erase the guidelines.

    After erasing the guidelines, you can trace your knight drawing to make it more expressive.knight drawing

  9. Color the knight drawing.

    You can color the armor in light blue or light gray. Feathers can be painted in red or blue. You can also draw a symbol on the shield if you to draw a knight for kids

Knight Video Tutorial

Knights occupied a critical place both in medieval culture and in contemporary works of art. We all saw similar knights in films, cartoons, and books about the Middle Ages or fantasy. This knight drawing instruction will help not only learn how to draw this warrior, but also join the story.

And of course, according to tradition – a shortened version of the guide. Save this picture with this cool knight in shining armor on social networks or on your device. Share it with your friends and those who want to learn how to draw knights.

How to Draw a Knight for Kids

And of course the free PDF version of this tutorial with all the necessary additions, including the tutorial itself, coloring page, tracing worksheet, and grid worksheet.

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