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How to Draw a Snake Head

In one of the previous lessons I showed how to draw a snake, and now I want to show you how to draw a snake’s head step by step.

This drawing lesson will be very simple, like all the lessons on my site. But if suddenly it seems too complicated for you, then at the bottom of the page you will find an even simpler lesson on drawing a snake’s face.

how to draw a snake head
how to draw a snake head step by step

Table of Contents

Basic Information on How to Draw a Snake Head

In this tutorial, I will show you how to draw a snake face. The instruction is designed for beginners, so you can easily cope with this task.

On our planet, there are different types of snakes that differ in size and color. At the same time, snakes have common features – a smooth body, a rounded head, and a long tongue. You can see these features in the artwork.

The head has a rounded shape, the tongue is long and thin, and instead of the nose, there are two small holes. The pupils of the eyes are elongated and located vertically.

We can easily recognize all these features of a snake’s face in various works of art. And in order to get a realistic and convincing drawing of a snake’s head at the end of the lesson, you must also repeat all these features in the most accurate way.

As I said in the snake tutorial, these animals can be cute and cartoonish or super creepy. And of course, it is you who can give this animal the look you want.

The cartoon snake head has big cheeks, big eyes with highlights, a smiling mouth and no furrowed eyebrows, A realistic snake, on the contrary, has more realistic facial contours, small eyes with frowning eyebrows and thin pupils, a mouth that does not express emotions and a thin long tongue.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Steps on How to Draw a Snake Head

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw a Snake Head

  1. Add the bottom outline of the head.

    You need to draw a smooth rounded line. Try to achieve as smooth and proportional a look as possible.how to draw a snake head easy

  2. Draw the top outline of the head.

    Depict a rounded line at the top. The top of the head is smaller. As you can see from the chubby cheeks, we’re drawing a slightly cartoonish snake head.
    sketching the top of the face

  3. Sketch out the eyes.

    Draw two identical slanting ovals located at a sufficiently large distance from each other. Among other things, it is desirable that the ovals have a perfectly even shape.
    drawing the snake eyes

  4. Add the nostrils.

    Now draw two small ovals located at the bottom of the face. These nostrils are much smaller than the previous ones and are located very close to each other.
    sketching the nostrils

  5. Sketch out the mouth.

    Draw a long, curved line in the same shape as shown in the example. If you want to make the snake’s face more good-natured, bend the corners of its mouth up.
    how to draw a snake face

  6. Depict the tongue.

    The snake has the thin long tongue that has two pointed ends. The thicker you make the tongue, the more cartoonish the head of your snake will look.snake head drawing cartoon

  7. Add the pupils.

    Draw a thin, elongated oval inside each eye. Again, if you want to make the snake’s head look more cute and cartoonish, make the pupils more round.snake head drawing easy

  8. Color the snake artwork.

    You will need green, yellow, black and red. Add highlights to the eyes. If you add highlights to the scales, you will make the snake’s head even more realistic.
    How to draw snake's face

Additional Content

If you want to have access to this drawing lesson anytime and anywhere, then be sure to download my PDF files, in which you will find not only the drawing lesson itself, but also a bunch of additional materials.

The Simplest Way to Draw a Snake’s Face

Above you could see a very simple and accessible way for everyone to draw the face of a snake. But of course, you can draw a serpent’s head in an even simpler way, and below I will show you it.

First draw the outline of the snake’s face, then sketch the eyes and mouth, then add the tongue and nostrils, and finally color everything in the colors shown in my example.

how to draw a snake face step-by-step


So, the snake face drawing lesson is over, and it’s time to move on.

I hope that you have already completed interesting lessons on our site, which shows how to draw the heads of various animals.

If not, then I highly recommend that you go to the Animals section and learn how to draw the heads of animals such as a tiger or a bear.

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