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How to Draw Bonnie

I have prepared a lesson on how to draw Bonnie, which you will really like. This guide consists of just nine very simple steps.

simple bonnie drawing tutorial
how to draw bonnie step by step

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw Bonnie step by step. I think this lesson will be quite interesting and useful for you. Do not worry that this drawing will be too difficult for you, because this drawing lesson is designed specifically for kids and novice artists.

Bonnie will be the character of today’s drawing lesson. It is presented in the form of an anthropomorphic purple rabbit. Bonnie has a solid build and medium height. The body of the Bonnie rabbit is made of plush, under which its endoskeleton is located. According to this character’s story, Bonnie was a toy that was sent for recycling due to a malfunction, and then restored and used.

Now, to draw Bonnie, take all the accessories you need for drawing and get to work. With this instruction, you will easily draw Bonnie the rabbit.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw Bonnie

  1. Draw the head of the character.

    Start drawing Bonnie from the head, for this draw an oval-like shape.how to draw bonnie easy

  2. Sketch out Bonnie’s torso.

    The first part of the torso looks like an oval, and the second is depicted as a curved line.bonnie drawing easy

  3. Depict part of Bonnie’s legs.

    Below the torso, draw the upper legs in two identical shapes.bonnie drawing cute

  4. Add the bottom of the legs.

    Bonnie has thick legs and large feet with three toes on each.bonnie drawing cute

  5. Draw Bonnie’s hand on the left.

    The left hand should be shown raised up. Bonnie has four fingers on her hand.toy bonnie drawing

  6. Sketch out the toy’s other hand.

    Depict the right hand downward and consisting of several segments.bonnie drawing simple

  7. Draw Bonnie’s ears.

    The long rabbit ears are divided into two segments with one ear drooping slightly downward.bonnie drawing for beginners

  8. Add facial features and other elements.

    Draw Bonnie’s eyes, nose and mouth, and add a line for the belly and draw a bow tie.bonnie drawing lesson

  9. Color the drawing.

    Use shades of purple to paint Bonnie’s body, and paint the butterfly red.simple bonnie drawing tutorial

So the lesson on how to draw Bonnie step by step has come to an end. I hope you succeeded in drawing the drawing exactly the way you wanted. Do not forget to subscribe to us on social networks and leave your comment on the lesson. I have prepared a short PDF version of this tutorial for your convenience. You can download this file and use it at any time.

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