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How to Draw Cartoon Fire

Now I want to show you how to draw a cartoon fire. The instruction is very simple and includes only six clear and accessible steps.

cartoon fire drawing
how to draw cartoon fire step by step

I am sure that you will really like the new lesson in which you will learn how to draw a cartoon fire. If you complete this lesson, you will acquire useful skills that will definitely come in handy in the future. For example, if you want to draw a fire, a candle flame or a flame in a fireplace.

You will complete this lesson very quickly and easily, since free lines are used here. In this walkthrough, it is acceptable that the shape and size of the flames may differ slightly from my example.

The main thing is to remember the sequence of steps and correctly color the flame. Note that the lightest part is in the center of the flame, and the ends of the flame are painted in more intense shades. Try to make a smooth transition between colors.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw Cartoon Fire

  1. Draw the bottom.

    Determine the size of the drawing and draw a smooth, curved line.how to draw cartoon fire for kids

  2. Depict the side.

    Using a smooth, curved line, depict two pointed flames on the left side.how to draw cartoon fire for beginners

  3. Add the top of the flame.

    Depict the spiky top with two lines that converge at one point.how to draw cartoon fire for kindergarten

  4. Sketch out the other side of the flame.

    Draw two flames on the right side to end up with a closed path.how to draw cartoon fire easy

  5. Add the small sparks.

    On each side, add the small free-form sparks.how to draw cartoon fire simple

  6. Color the drawing.

    For coloring, you will need any shades of yellow, orange, and red.cartoon fire drawing

By tradition, at the end of the lesson, I prepared a PDF file for you, which contains a brief instruction and additional training materials. Download the file and enjoy drawing at any convenient time, even if there is no Internet access.

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