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How to Draw a Barrel

how to draw a barrel for kids

How to draw a barrel

Good day dear young artists and welcome to the lesson about how to draw a barrel for kids. This is a very simple lesson because it consists of a few very simple lines. In one of the previous lessons we have drawn a glass, so the first steps in these lessons are very similar.

Step 1

So, first of all, draw a straight vertical line.

how to draw a barrel for kids

Step 2

At the top of the line draw an oval.

Step 2

At the bottom of the line, we draw exactly the same oval as in the previous step.

how to draw a barrel for children

Step 3

Сonnect these two ovals using two arc-shaped lines.

how to draw a barrel for beginners

Step 4

Erase the line that we drew in the first step and get a figure similar to a drum.

draw a barrel

Step 5

Draw vertical lines like in our example. Note that the closer to the edges the more curved lines.

learn to draw a barrel for kids

Step 6

Using two arc-shaped lines we draw metal belts of barrels.

barrel drawing

Step 7

And as always in the last step, we paint the picture. Barrels are usually made of wood, so we paint the barrel in brown and the belts can be painted black or dark gray.

how to draw a barrel for kids

It was simple enough, was not it? You can draw a barrel both separately and in some kind of composition, for example in a dungeon where a glorious knight fights with a terrible orc.

I believe that this lesson was really very simple, and therefore it would be easy for my readers to use a shortened version of this tutorial.

How to Draw a Barrel for Kids

Let me remind you that I create these shortened versions so that at any moment you can use this drawing as a cheat sheet.

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