How to Draw a Doctor for Kids

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how to draw doctor for kids

how to draw a doctor

This is another instruction for drawing a person on in which I will show you how to draw a doctor for kids.

In fact, all people are drawn in about the same way, including doctors. The main differences in drawing certain people are in the details. For example, in the instruction about the doctor, the decisive detail is the medical gown.

Step 1

Start drawing the doctor by depicting the head. After that depict two simple lines on this head. Depict a torso below the head.

Step 2

Now at the top of the torso depict the arms. After that, depict the legs at the bottom.

Step 3

Using the construction lines from the first stage depict the details of the face.

Step 4

At the top of the head, depict a neatly styled hairstyle. Depict the ears slightly below in the form of semicircles.

how to draw a doctor for kids

Step 5

Now painstakingly depict the medical gown, shirt details, and a tie on the chest.

learn how to draw a doctor

Step 6

Using an eraser, get rid of all the construction lines of the head and give it a finished look.

how to draw a doctor easy

Step 7

Now again with the help of an eraser, get rid of all the remaining construction lines from the rest of the body and give it a finished look.

how to draw a cartoon doctor

Step 8

Now paint the doctor using your favorite art supplies. You can paint it either as in my example, or give him a different look.

You can make your doctor drawing even more interesting and cool. For example, try a badge on your chest, a stethoscope around the neck, and a tablet in the hand.

If the instruction on how to draw a doctor for kids was interesting for you, then be sure to visit the People category on to learn how to draw something new.

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