How to Draw a Ninja For Kids

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How to draw a ninja for kids

how to draw a ninja

Good day! Time to talk about another warrior of medieval Japan. In your comments, I see that you like this subject.To be honest, I really like drawing warriors of past eras. Most recently, we drew a samurai. And today I will tell you how to draw a ninja for children.

Step 1

Draw an approximate outline of the body and head. Due to the peculiarities of the cartoon style, the head should be wider and larger than the body.In the next steps in the head, we will only draw the mask and eyes. Now we will draw two intersecting lines that are located inside the contour of the head so that they serve as a guide.

How to draw a ninja easy

Step 2

Now let’s work with limbs. As you can see our ninja is in combat stance.The ninja’s right arm and right leg are absolutely straight. The left leg of the ninja forms the left corner. The left hand is bent at an acute angle.

How to draw a ninja for beginners

Step 3

Draw the outline of a hood, a mask, and a pair of eyes that are centered. In drawing elements of fabric, use only smooth lines. You can also draw a more closed version of the mask. To do this, place the edges of the hood a little closer to the eyes.

How to draw a ninja for beginners

Step 4

Now let’s draw the outlines of our ninja clothes. In the chest area you can see the letter “Y”. Below it is a belt, and under the belt are two hanging pieces of clothing that look like two rectangles. At the end of the step, we draw rather short sleeves and pants.

How to draw a ninja very easy

Step 5

We have an almost finished sketch with such a cute ninja. But it looks a bit unfinished, right? I think so too. Let’s erase the extra lines from the head of our ninja and mark the final contours with a darker color.

How to draw a ninja

Step 6

In this step, we outline the final contours of the body and limbs of our ninja. Pay attention to the size and direction of the fingers on the hands. Do not forget to outline the folds on a combat suit.

Ninja drawing tutorial

Step 7

Black is the perfect choice for the inconspicuous killer who is used to working in the dark. I propose to make our ninja that way.

Ninja drawing tutorial

So we got a great antique warrior. We hope your result is even better. Do not forget to visit to receive new drawing lessons.

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