How to Draw a Waterfall for Kindergarten

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With the help of my lesson on how to draw a waterfall for kindergarten, you will learn how to draw a beautiful picture in four easy steps.

waterfall drawing for beginners
how to draw a waterfall step by step

In this lesson on how to draw a waterfall for kindergarten, you will practice drawing landscape elements. Waterfalls form in mountainous areas when mountain streams flow down. The size of the waterfall can be different – both small and huge, the beauty of which many tourists never stop admiring.

So, in the picture, you see two rocks, and between them a stream of water. Drawing a waterfall will not be difficult, because it is not necessary to make absolutely straight lines here. There are various objects of amazing beauty in nature, but they do not always have the correct shape. So let the shape of the rocks be arbitrary.

When the outline of the drawing is ready, we prepare the necessary colors for coloring – brown, blue, and light blue. We paint the rocks in brown, the flow of water in blue, and the foam that forms below we make light blue.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 15 minutes

How to Draw a Waterfall for Kindergarten

  1. Start drawing the rock.

    Sketch the shape of the rock as in my to draw a basic waterfall

  2. Depict the flow of water.

    Drawing the outline of the water is simple to draw a waterfall easy

  3. Continue to draw the rock.

    At this point, sketch a second rock.simple waterfall drawing

  4. Color the waterfall drawing.

    To liven up the picture a little, draw light stripes on the stream of water and dark strokes on the rock for relief.waterfall drawing for beginners

I have no doubt that you have drawn a very beautiful waterfall, next to which you would like to be. I am creating more landscape painting lessons for you, so stay tuned to my site. Do not forget to download the PDF file of the lesson to get free access to additional materials.

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