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How to Draw Goofy

I suggest you complete a new simple drawing lesson in which you can learn how to draw Goofy quickly and easily.

goofy drawing for kids

Now I will show in detail how to draw Goofy. This is a unique cartoon character created by the Walt Disney Company. Surely you like this dog, which is a good friend of Mickey Mouse.

Goofy is careless, simple-minded, modest, and clumsy. Very often, Goofy does not notice the obvious things, so he gets into dangerous and stupid situations.

Of the good qualities of Goofy, enthusiasm, optimism and indefatigable energy should be noted. It is these qualities that the audience likes the most, and therefore Goofy has many fans around the world.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw Goofy

  1. Draw the eyes and nose.

    Let’s start with the elements of the face, and in the first step you will draw the eyes and nose.how to draw goofy easy

  2. Depict the top part of the head.

    Use smooth, curved lines to represent the Goofy’s head.how to draw goofy full body

  3. Add the hat, ears, and the bottom of the head.

    Draw the hat with a jagged line, add the thin floppy ears and depict the open mouth.how to draw goofy art hub

  4. Sketch out the vest.

    From the head, draw down smooth lines on each side.how to draw cute goofy

  5. Depict the hands.

    Goofy’s arms are bent at the elbows. Draw the wide sleeves with smooth lines.goofy drawing lesson

  6. Add the hands.

    Try to correctly depict the position of the fingers on the hands.goofy drawing guide

  7. Draw the lower part of the torso.

    Depict the belt and wide pants. The legs are slightly bent at the knees.goofy drawing tutorial

  8. Add the shoes.

    Draw long boots with the toes pointing in opposite directions.simple goofy drawing

  9. Color the Goofy.

    For coloring, you will need several bright colors.goofy drawing for kids

Don’t forget to download the PDF file with the simplified version of the lesson. In this file you will find a brief instruction and additional training materials.

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