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How to Draw Rocket Raccoon

Grab your pencils and join me on a stellar artistic mission as we learn how to draw Rocket Raccoon. With this tutorial, I’m excited to share my straightforward method that will take you from simple shapes to a fully-realized chibi guardian. Together, we’ll capture the essence of this plucky hero, small in size but enormous in attitude.

how to draw rocket raccoon
how to draw rocket raccoon step by step

How to Draw Rocket Raccoon: Basic Information

Let’s zoom through the galaxy as I show you how to draw Rocket Raccoon in an endearing chibi style. My step-by-step lesson is tailored to demystify the drawing process, turning Rocket’s warrior-like demeanor into something adorable and approachable.

In this tutorial, we’ll focus on capturing Rocket’s mischievous gaze and compact, heroic posture. I’ve simplified his complex costume into easy segments, perfect for beginners to follow. As you sketch, you’ll see Rocket’s character take shape, with his larger-than-life attitude shining through in a pint-sized package.

As we wrap up, you’ll find that to draw Rocket Raccoon is to connect with a character full of heart and bravado. My aim is to provide a straightforward path to creating your own chibi versions of beloved characters, making the drawing process as enjoyable as it is rewarding. Let’s put those pencils to work and bring this spunky Guardian to life.

Rocket Raccoon Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw Rocket Raccoon

  1. Draw the head and torso

    Initiate your drawing by creating a circle for the head to establish the roundness of the face. Underneath the circle, draw a smaller rectangle for the torso.draw the head and torso

  2. Draw the legs

    Draw two shapes beneath the torso to form the upper parts of the legs. These shapes should be similar to truncated rectangles and slightly angled to represent thighs.draw the legs

  3. Draw the arms

    The arms should be positioned to make the character appear dynamic, even in a static pose. It’s important to keep the shapes smooth and to ensure they are in proportion to the rest of the body.Draw the arms

  4. Draw Rocket Raccoon’s ears

    The placement of the ears at this point also helps set the expression, as ears can indicate emotion: if they’re angled slightly back, Rocket might look more relaxed, but if they’re perked up, he’s on alert. draw rocket raccoon's ears

  5. Outline the facial features

    Sketch the primary features of Rocket’s face, including two large, rounded eyes that convey his expressive nature. Add a small triangular nose, and then create a wide, curved mouth.Outline the facial features

  6. Depict the elements of the costume

    For his costume, draw a small collar in the form of three small rounded shapes and then short sleeves. Also finish drawing dark circles around the eyes.Add the costume

  7. Enhance costume details and tail

    For the tail, draw a bushy, sweeping shape extending from the back of the torso. Next, refine the details of the shorts and short lines for the toes.Enhance costume details and tail

  8. Finalize details and clean up the drawing

    Now, go back and refine the details of your drawing, erasing any unnecessary guidelines and reinforcing the final lines. This is also the time to add any last-minute details.finalize details and clean up the drawing

  9. Color the drawing.

    Finish your artwork by coloring Rocket. He traditionally has gray fur, with black patterns around his eyes that resemble a mask, and a dark brown or black striped tail. how-to-draw-rocket-raccoon

How to Draw Rocket Raccoon: Video Tutorial

Additional Content

To bolster your artistic arsenal, I’ve prepared a succinct PDF version of our Rocket Raccoon drawing lesson. It’s free to download and is designed to be a reliable resource that doesn’t rely on having an internet connection. Stash it on your device for a quick artistic fix anytime, anywhere.

This streamlined PDF encapsulates the essence of the lesson, making it accessible and practical for artists on the move. No more scrolling or waiting for videos to buffer; this guide lays out all you need in an easy-to-follow format. It’s like having a mini-tutor tucked in your pocket, ready whenever you are.

Go ahead and download this PDF, letting it serve as your constant companion in drawing Rocket Raccoon’s chibi form. It’s a small, but powerful way to keep the creative juices flowing, ensuring you’re always prepared when the urge to sketch strikes. With this guide, you’re ready to create, regardless of time or place.

Refining Your Sketches: Rocket Raccoon’s Artful Insights

As we bring our Rocket Raccoon to a grand completion, it’s essential to reflect on some tips and tricks that will refine your drawings. These artistic pointers are the secret sauce, adding flavor to your creation and helping to capture the true essence of our beloved cosmic rascal.

  • Emphasize Expression: Rocket’s face is full of character. Sharpen his expressions by accentuating the eyebrows and cheeky grin to make his personality pop.
  • Focus on the Eyes: The eyes are particularly expressive in chibi characters. Give Rocket that gleaming, lively look with well-placed highlights.
  • Dynamic Posture: Convey his feisty spirit through an active stance. Even a slight tilt or bend in the body can suggest his readiness for action.
  • Texture Technique: For Rocket’s fur, use fine lines to create texture, giving depth to his chibi form without overwhelming the simplicity of the style.
  • Accessorize Accurately: Pay attention to the details of Rocket’s gear. Small touches like the patterns on his suit can make a big difference.
  • Consistent Lighting: Decide on a light source and stick to it, creating consistent shadows that will add volume to your character. For a deeper understanding, read my article on light and shadow in fine art.
  • Bold Outlines: Use a slightly thicker line for the outside contours of Rocket to distinguish him from the background and give a defined edge.

Incorporate these tips and tricks into your sketches, and watch as each new drawing of Rocket Raccoon becomes more vibrant and expressive. Remember, it’s the subtle refinements that turn good drawings into great ones. So keep these close at hand for your next artistic mission, and may your pencil always be as sharp as Rocket’s wit.

From Character to Cosmos: Enriching Your Rocket Raccoon Art

With our chibi Rocket Raccoon ready for adventure, it’s time to think beyond the character. A great drawing invites the viewer into its world, and that’s where environments and companions come in. Let’s explore how you can enrich your drawing with scenes and sidekicks that elevate your art to new dimensions.

  • Draw Groot: Begin by adding Rocket’s steadfast companion, Groot. A chibi Groot alongside Rocket can amplify the sense of camaraderie and contrast.
  • Craft a Spacecraft: Sketch the Milano, the Guardians’ ship, in the background. Its sleek design and cool details make for an impressive backdrop.
  • Create a Battle Scene: Illustrate a dynamic battle scene. Add energy blasts or a chaotic battleground to show Rocket in his element.
  • Design an Alien Landscape: Place Rocket on an alien planet. Exotic plants or futuristic cities can provide an intriguing setting.
  • Emphasize Action: Convey motion with speed lines or action bubbles like ‘Bam!’ or ‘Pow!’ to bring the scene to life.

Your drawing can become a portal to another world when you introduce environments and fellow characters. Each element you add serves to deepen the narrative and expand the universe you’re creating on your page. So keep pushing the boundaries of your canvas, and let every line you draw invite viewers into the exciting world you’ve envisioned.


With our chibi Rocket Raccoon now ready to join the ranks of your artistic creations, why stop here? My site is home to a universe of drawing lessons, ranging from the majestic head of a dragon to the humble charm of a donkey. Each tutorial is designed to challenge and inspire, expanding your skills across a spectrum of subjects.

To ensure you’re always equipped with the latest artistic missions, follow my social media channels. Your feedback and suggestions are invaluable, shaping the future of our creative explorations. Drop a comment below with your thoughts or requests for new lessons. Together, we’ll continue this journey, turning blank pages into worlds of our own making.

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