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How to Draw Harley Quinn

I’m thrilled to share with you my personalized approach on how to draw Harley Quinn, reimagined here with a whimsical twist. My tutorial is tailored to make drawing this iconic character a simple and enjoyable task, stripping away complexity and embracing a more playful style that’s accessible to artists of all ages.

how to draw harley quinn
how to draw harley quinn step by step

How to Draw Harley Quinn: Basic Information

Welcome to this delightful session where we’ll explore how to draw Harley Quinn in an adorable chibi style. I crafted this tutorial to break down her iconic look into simple shapes and lines, making it accessible for artists of all ages. My approach strips away complexity, focusing on fun and ease to bring this whimsical character to life.

In this version of Harley Quinn, you’ll notice her exaggerated expressions and playful proportions that are signature to the chibi style. I’ve emphasized her mischievous smile and the playful twirl of her pigtails, ensuring these key features are captured simply yet effectively. It’s about balancing her vibrant personality with the charm of chibi art.

Let’s pick up our pencils and draw Harley Quinn together. This tutorial is designed to guide you gently through each step, infusing your artwork with the essence of Harley’s spunky spirit in a form that’s cute and engaging. By the end, you’ll have not just a drawing, but a story told through the strokes of your pencil.

Harley Quinn Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw Harley Quinn

  1. Draw the head and torso

    Begin with an oval shape for the head, slightly wider at the down. Below the head, draw an elongated shape for the torso, starting wider at the shoulders and tapering slightly as you move down.Draw the head and torso

  2. Depict Harley Quinn‘s facial features

    Outline the fundamental facial features of Harley Quinn. Sketch two small ovals for the eyes, ensuring they are level and give her a mischievous look. Add two arched brows to express her playful moods.Draw Harley Quinn's facial features

  3. Add the hair and ears

    Start drawing Harley Quinn’s hairstyle with two long curls that start in the center of the forehead and then spread out to the sides of the head, heading down. Draw small ovals to represent the ears.add the hair

  4. Draw the final look of the hairstyle

    So, add two large rounded shapes on the sides of the head to represent the tails of the hair. Correlate the width of these parts of the hairstyle with the width of the outline of Harley’s head.draw the final look of the hairstyle

  5. Sketch Harley’s legs

    To draw Harley Quinn’s legs, start by creating two extended shapes from the bottom of the torso. Then, continue drawing these shapes and create a smooth taper towards the feet.Sketch Harley's legs

  6. Draw the neck and arms

    The lines of the arms look very simple and are located almost parallel to the lines of the body, only without bends. The neck is two short vertical lines between the head and body.Draw the neck and arms

  7. Draw the shorts and the top of the T-shirt

    Our supervillain’s shorts look like a wide stripe across her lower torso. The bottom edge of the shirt is uneven to depict torn edges.draw the shorts and the top of the T-shirt

  8. Add costume details

    Before completing this drawing tutorial, add small lines to define the outlines of Harley Quinn’s tank top, as well as the shoes and wristbands.add costume details

  9. Color the Harley Quinn.

    Harley Quinn’s appearance reflects her recklessness and even madness. Use a combination of pink and blue to highlight this. At the same time, white is also one of the main colors in clothing.how-to-draw-harley-quinn

How to Draw Harley Quinn: Video Tutorial

Additional Content

For all aspiring artists and fans of the playful yet rebellious Harley Quinn, I’ve created a complementary PDF file for this lesson. It’s been specifically tailored as a concise, portable version of our tutorial, allowing you to dive into drawing Harley’s chibi character without needing an internet connection.

The PDF serves as a handy reference, capturing the whimsical essence of chibi Harley Quinn through a series of simplified steps. It ensures that you can continue practicing your art whether you’re at home, in a café, or on the move, offering a convenient way to revisit the lesson as often as you like.

I invite you to download this free guide to aid in your artistic journey, providing you with the tools to confidently draw Harley Quinn in her charming chibi form. This PDF is more than just a guide; it’s a bridge between you and your creative potential, ready to be crossed whenever inspiration strikes.

Technical Nuances in Harley Quinn Sketche

As we bring the curtains down on our chibi Harley Quinn tutorial, it’s important to reflect on the technical nuances that can elevate your drawing from good to great. These subtle touches are the secret ingredients that infuse your artwork with life and personality.

  • Line Thickness: Adjusting the thickness of your lines can add depth and dimension to Harley’s chibi form, giving a sense of volume to her hair and costume details.
  • Facial Expressions: The devil is in the details, especially with facial expressions. Paying extra attention to the curve of the eyebrows or the smile can capture Harley’s mischievous essence.
  • Proportional Balance: In chibi characters, heads are often oversized compared to the body, but maintaining a balance that doesn’t overwhelm the figure is crucial.
  • Color Selection: Harley’s iconic color palette needs careful consideration.
  • Shadowing and Highlighting: Subtle shadowing under the chin or highlighting in the hair can bring your chibi Harley to life, making her pop off the page.

Mastering these technical nuances takes time and patience, but they are the building blocks to creating captivating art. Keep these tips in your artistic arsenal as you continue to draw Harley Quinn and other beloved characters, and watch your artistry soar to new heights.

What to Draw After Harley Quinn

With the final stroke of our chibi Harley Quinn complete, consider this not the end, but a beginning to expanding your artistic horizons. Improvement in drawing is a journey with endless paths to explore. Let’s look at how you can build upon the skills honed in this lesson, adding richness and diversity to your portfolio:

  • Draw Other Characters: Try your hand at drawing other characters in the chibi style. Perhaps Batman or The Joker to complement Harley Quinn and create a thematic series.
  • Design a Scene: Place your chibi Harley Quinn in a scene. Maybe the bustling streets of Gotham or the chaotic charm of an amusement park to give her context and a story.
  • Add Accessories: Experiment with drawing Harley’s signature mallet or her loyal hyenas. Accessories can add an extra layer of interest and challenge to your work.
  • Explore Expressions: Practice drawing a range of expressions on Harley. A surprised face or a cunning wink can add versatility to your characters.
  • Experiment with Poses: Push your skills further by drawing Harley in various action poses. How would she look swinging from a grappling hook or riding a motorcycle?

As we wrap up this lesson, remember that each new character, accessory, or setting you draw not only improves your skills but also enriches the stories you tell through your art. Keep pushing the boundaries, and let each new line on the page be a step towards becoming the artist you aspire to be.


Completing the chibi Harley Quinn sketch marks just one milestone in your artistic voyage. My website hosts a plethora of lessons on diverse subjects, from the precise lines of a flag to the gentle contours of a golf ball. Each tutorial is a doorway to new skills and discoveries, inviting you to broaden your artistic scope.

To ensure you never miss out on new tutorials and insights, consider following my social media profiles. This way, you’re always in the loop with fresh content and can participate in our creative community. Feel free to share your thoughts or requests for future lessons in the comments section.

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