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How to Draw a Cartoon Shark

This guide teaches you how to draw a cartoon shark with fun, cartoonish features and also shows how to create cool underwater environments.

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how to draw a cartoon shark step by step

How to Draw a Cartoon Shark

One of the first aspects to consider when drawing any cartoon animal, including underwater creatures, is the proportion. Cartoon characters often exaggerate certain features for emphasis and humor. Practicing cartoonish proportion helps young artists understand how to scale different parts of their drawings.

Im this tutorial, you can see that the shark has a large head and a short body that tapers towards the tail. The mouth is very large and sharp teeth are visible. The tail is small and has pointed ends. Below I will show you how to create all these features in your drawing.

At the end of this tutorial, you will learn how to add different underwater environments to your cartoon shark drawing. This aspect of the tutorial will help you understand composition and how to integrate different environments to your drawing.

I will also explain the fundamental principles of creating cartoon characters, providing some insights into some simple techniques. Additionally, I will guide you on how to transform any animal into its cartoon version.

Cartoon Shark Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Cartoon Shark Step-by-Step

  1. Draw the upper body line of the cartoon shark.

    Begin by drawing a gently curved line to form the upper part of the shark’s body. This line should start at the head and extend towards the tail, curving slightly downwards in the middle. The curve should resemble a gentle wave, giving a natural flow to the shark’s body.Draw the upper body line of the cartoon shark

  2. Sketch the lower body line of the shark.

    Next, draw another curved line starting from the same point as the first line but extending downward and then curving upward to meet the end of the first line at the tail. This line should create a streamlined, almond-like shape, completing the outline of the shark’s body.Sketch the lower body line of the shark

  3. Add the eye and gills.

    Draw a small circle near the front of the body to represent the eye. Position the eye slightly above the centerline of the body. Then, draw three short lines near the front of the shark’s body to indicate the gills. These lines should be evenly spaced and slightly curved.Add the eye and gills

  4. Draw the mouth.

    Draw a curved line beneath the eye, starting from just behind the gills and extending towards the front of the shark’s body. This line should curve upwards slightly, giving the shark a menacing grin. Take your time to perfect the curve and position of the shark’s mouth.Draw the mouth

  5. Detail the teeth.

    To give your cartoon shark a more fierce appearance, draw a series of small, sharp triangles along the line of the mouth. These triangles should point downwards and be evenly spaced to represent the shark’s sharp teeth. Make sure the teeth are consistent in size and shape.Detail the teeth

  6. Add the dorsal and pectoral fins.

    Draw a large triangular dorsal fin on the top of the shark’s body, just behind the gills. This fin should have a smooth curve and sharp points. Then, draw a smaller pectoral fin near the bottom of the body, towards the middle. This fin should also have smooth, curved lines.Add the dorsal and pectoral fins

  7. Draw the tail fin of the shark.

    This fin should be forked, with two curved lines extending from the end of the body and forming a V-shape. Make sure the curves of the tail fin are smooth and symmetrical. In this step, you can add any additional details, such as stripes on the back, to turn your cartoon shark into a tiger shark.Draw the tail fin of the shark

  8. Review your cartoon shark sketch and erase the guidelines.

    Now it’s time to give your cartoon shark drawing a more finished look before you start coloring. Go through your entire sketch and erase all the auxiliary lines from the first steps. Leave the important lines of the drawing intact, giving it a finished and clear look.Review your cartoon shark sketch and erase the guidelines

  9. Color your cartoon shark drawing.

    Use blue for the body of the shark and black for the eyes. Or you can use a light grey for the body, a darker shade for the back, and leave the shark’s belly white. Also you can add some shading to give a three-dimensional look of your cartoon shark illustration.Color your cartoon shark drawing

Additional Content

This PDF file is a cool training resource for young artists learning to draw a cartoon shark. It includes condensed tutorial steps, a coloring page to practice Coloring and shading, a tracing worksheet to improve fine motor skills, and a grid drawing worksheet.

How to Draw Underwater Environments for the Cartoon Shark

Draw your cartoon shark swimming through a coral reef filled with various types of corals, sea anemones, and a range of tropical fish. This setting can highlight the diversity of underwater life, adding a detailed and intricate background to your shark drawing.

Draw your cartoon shark swimming in icy waters, surrounded by icebergs and arctic creatures like cute seals and cartoon penguins. The cold environment can be depicted with blues and whites, giving a different feel to the drawing and emphasizing the shark’s adaptability.

Place your shark near an underwater volcano, with bubbles and lava adding specific elements. To do this, draw a volcano, but use more cool tones to convey the effect of this object being underwater.

Depict your shark swimming through a graveyard of old, sunken ships, with various types of vessels in different stages of decay. To do this as correctly as possible, be sure to visit my lesson on how to draw a ship.

Create an underwater kingdom with castles, mermaids, and fantastical sea creatures. This setting blends elements of fantasy with the underwater theme. Add details like glowing plants, intricate castle architecture, and a variety of mythical beings such as sea dragons, fairies, and enchanted fish.

Imagine your shark swimming in a calm, tropical lagoon surrounded by lush vegetation and crystal-clear water. Add details like overhanging palm trees, different flowers, and flying birds.

Draw your shark attending an oceanic school, complete with a classroom setting underwater. Add details like desks, a teacher (perhaps an older, wise sea turtle), and classmates like fish and octopuses.


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