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How to Draw a Cow Face

Welcome to a delightful drawing escapade where we’ll tackle the bucolic charm of farm life. My tutorial on how to draw a cow face will guide your hand to sketch the soft, familiar features of this beloved farm animal. It’s a simple, enjoyable process, ensuring a result that’s both authentic and affectionate.

cow face drawing guide
how to draw a cow face step by step

How to Draw a Cow Face: Basic Information

If you’ve ever looked into the gentle eyes of a cow and wished to capture its serene expression on paper, this lesson is for you. I created a straightforward tutorial on how to draw a cow face that distills its charming features into simple shapes and lines. It’s perfect for anyone looking to master the art of bovine portraiture.

The cow face we’re drawing is characterized by its wide-set eyes and large, inviting nose – elements that I teach you to render with warmth and accuracy. In this lesson, I focus on translating the cow‘s calm and friendly demeanor onto the page, ensuring that each feature reflects the cow’s tranquil nature.

By following this method, when you draw a cow face, you’ll be able to not only capture the physical likeness but also the soothing essence these creatures exude. It’s a process that’s as rewarding as it is relaxing, leaving you with a drawing that’s both lifelike and endearing, ready to moo-ve its viewers.

Cow Face Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Cow Face

  1. Draw the front of the face.

    To do this, draw an even oval.how to draw a cow face easy

  2. Add the main part of the head.

    Depict a large semicircle to the oval.how to draw a cow face cartoon

  3. Sketch out the eyes.

    Draw two ovals on the main part of the head.how to draw a cow face cute

  4. Depict the nostrils.

    On the front, draw two small circles.how to draw a cow face realistic

  5. Add the mouth.

    Depict a long, rounded line at the bottom.how to draw a realistic cow face step by step

  6. Sketch out the horns.

    On the top of the head draw two horns of the same shape and size.how to draw a cute cow face step by step

  7. Draw the ears.

    Depict two identical ears on the sides.cow face drawing tutorial

  8. Remove inaccuracies.

    At this stage, remove all unnecessary lines.cow face drawing lesson

  9. Color the cow face.

    Choose beige, pink, and black. Add highlights to the eyes.cow face drawing guide

Additional Content

To enhance your artistic journey, I’ve crafted a free PDF file that’s the perfect companion to our cow face drawing lesson. It’s accessible offline, allowing you to revisit the fundamentals whenever inspiration strikes, without the need for a bustling internet connection. This resource is meant to travel with you, as portable as your sketchbook.

This PDF isn’t just a reiteration of the steps we’ve already explored; it’s filled with additional exercises designed to build upon what you’ve learned. After you’ve grasped the basics, this guide will challenge you further, developing your skills so each cow face you draw exhibits more depth and character.

Think of the PDF as a field guide for your pencil, offering a series of artistic excursions beyond our initial drawing session. With it, you’ll refine your ability to draw a cow face, transforming simple sketches into expressive creations. It’s not just a lesson – it’s a pathway to artistic growth, dotted with opportunities for practice and improvement.

Alternative Drawing Technique

In the spirit of artistic exploration, I’ve developed another technique for drawing a cow face, this time adding the playful twist of spots. This alternative approach invites you to delve into the charm of patterned cows, enhancing your skills as you adapt to the nuances of their unique markings.

While the foundational steps mirror our original lesson, this technique branches out into the delightful challenge of integrating spots into the cow’s face. It’s an exercise that will sharpen your precision and attention to detail, ensuring that each spot sits naturally on the cow’s features, bringing the image to life.

Practicing this spotted cow face drawing method, you’ll not only solidify your understanding of bovine features but also enrich your textural repertoire. By embracing this spotted variation, your artwork will gain a new dimension of realism, and your skill set will expand, ready to tackle even more diverse and intricate drawing challenges.

How to Draw a Spotted Cow Face

This delightful approach to drawing a spotted cow’s face is perfect for anyone starting their artistic journey. We begin with the basic outlines of the head, ensuring that each feature will have its proper place. The roundness of the face sets a friendly, approachable tone right from the start.

Next, the facial features take shape – two welcoming eyes and a snout that begs for a pat. This stage adds personality, with the spots around the eyes hinting at the cow’s unique pattern. The drawing starts to come alive, capturing the gentle nature of this beloved farm animal.

Finally, the addition of ears and the final spots ties the whole face together, transforming a few simple shapes into a characterful cow. Each spot is carefully placed to create a sense of symmetry and charm. This technique isn’t just about drawing; it’s about creating a jovial character that could jump off the page and into a storybook.

how to draw a cow head step by step

In-Depth Tips for Perfect Cow Faces

When it comes to drawing the amiable faces of cows, a few insider tips and tricks can elevate your artwork from good to udderly fantastic. Here’s a list of advice to help you fine-tune your bovine portraits:

  • Smooth, Rounded Foreheads: Remember that a cow’s forehead is wide and gently rounded. Avoid sharp angles to keep the face looking soft and amiable.
  • Eyes That Gaze: Position the eyes with care, ensuring they’re wide apart and halfway down the face. This gives your cow a calm and realistic gaze.
  • Expressive Ears: Cows’ ears are more than just appendages; they express mood. Curve them slightly forward to show attentiveness or droop them for a relaxed vibe.
  • Sensible Spots: When drawing spots, cluster a few together and then space them out, mimicking how they appear in nature. Each spot should have a smooth, but irregular edge.
  • The Power of Pastels: Utilize pastel shades for coloring, as they reflect the softness of the cow’s demeanor and make your drawing feel warm and gentle.
  • Shadows for Depth: Add a touch of shadow beneath the head and along the neck. This slight contrast gives the image more depth, making your cow’s face pop.
  • Fine Lines for Fur: Add a few fine lines along the edges of the cow’s face to suggest fur. This texture makes the drawing more tactile and detailed.
  • Chin and Cheek Artistry: A cow’s cheeks and chin are often a bit saggy. Include these details to add realism and character to your sketch.
  • Luminous Eyes: Place a tiny, gleaming spot of white in the eye to bring an element of life and sparkle to your cow’s gaze.

With these tips in your artist’s toolbox, you’re well on your way to creating cow faces that are not only authentic and detailed but also brimming with character. Keep this list by your side as you draw, and let each piece of advice guide your pencil. Your sketches will soon reflect not just the form, but also the spirit of these gentle giants.


With the final stroke of your pencil, your cow’s face is not just a drawing but a window into a serene farmstead. Yet, the artistic journey doesn’t end in the pasture. My website is a canvas of diversity, with lessons to draw everything from the mysterious allure of a vampire to the cosmic intrigue of a UFO.

Should your artistic appetite hunger for more, follow me on social media for the freshest servings of new content. Your input is the brushstroke that colors our next adventure, so please, share your thoughts and desires in the comments under the lesson. What you yearn to create next could soon be the subject of our next artistic encounter.

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