How to Draw a Snowman for Kids

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how to draw a Snowman

how to draw a snowman

In this guide, we will tell you how to draw a snowman for kids. This is a very simple lesson that will make you feel confident in your abilities.

Step 1

The classic step for drawing a snowman is to create multiple vertical rounded shapes. The bottom piece should be the largest and the top piece should be the smallest.

easy to draw for kids

Step 2

Add approximate facial features of our snowman. Use a couple of dots and a smooth curved line to represent the eyes and mouth. As you can see, the facial features are slightly offset from the center.

how to draw for kids

Step 3

You can’t imagine a snowman without a carrot in place of his nose, can you? This is a really necessary accessory. Let’s draw this. Small lines should be located inside the carrot outline.

Snowman drawing guide

Step 4

If we are drawing a character from a comics book or an ordinary person, we need to spend quite a lot of time and effort on drawing the upper limbs. In our case, these are just sticks.

Snowman drawing lesson

Step 5

Now we will add a small detail that will make our drawing more realistic. This is snow, which is located downward and laterally from the largest figure.

Snowman drawing

Step 6

As always, we leave the traditional step without actions so that you can evaluate your sketch. If you see any errors, you can fix it in this step

Snowman drawing tutorial

Step 7

Now we can work with colors. To make your snowman look more realistic, we recommend adding a little light blue instead of white. Also, don’t forget the bright orange carrots.

how to draw a Snowman

We hope this guide was helpful to you. We really look forward to your feedback in the form of questions and comments on this post. It helps us a lot to work!

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