How to Draw Anime Boy Eyes

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In nine very simple steps you will learn how to draw anime boy eyes quickly and easily. Start the lesson and get useful skills!

anime boy eyes to draw
how to draw anime boy eyes step by step

In this lesson, I want to show you how to draw anime boy eyes. Anime is a Japanese animation that is very popular all over the world, and this art is loved not only by children but also by teenagers and adults.

Anime has its own characteristics and its own graphic style. In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw anime boy eyes step by step. This will be an interesting and useful lesson. You will be able to apply the acquired skills in your next drawings.

The eyes of anime characters look very realistic. The eyes have a natural shape, all elements are detailed, there is glare. This makes the eyes look natural.

Be careful during each step and memorize the sequence of steps in order to apply these skills to drawing other characters or portraits of real people in the future.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 25 minutes.

How to Draw Anime Boy Eyes

  1. Draw auxiliary lines.

    Determine the size of the eyes and draw two straight horizontal to draw anime boy eyes for beginners

  2. Depict the upper outline of the eyes.

    Draw smooth lines on each side. Make sure the lines are to draw anime boy eyes easy

  3. Sketch out the bottom of the eye.

    Continue the lines in such a way that you get short spiky to draw cute anime boy eyes

  4. Add the outline of the iris.

    Draw two straight semicircular to draw anime male eyes

  5. Depict the pupils.

    Draw small rounded lines in the middle of each to draw cool anime boy eyes

  6. Add details.

    Sketch out highlights and outline the upper eyelid.anime boy eyes drawing easy

  7. Draw the eyebrows.

    Above each eye, draw thin eyebrows of the same shape as in the example.anime guy eyes drawing

  8. Remove the guidelines.

    Erase the auxiliary lines with an eraser.anime boy eyes sketch

  9. Color the anime boy eyes.

    You will need black and any other color for the iris.anime boy eyes to draw

It was a simple lesson in which you learned how to draw anime boy eyes. I hope you enjoyed your time and gained useful artistic skills. You can share your opinion about this tutorial in the comments.

At the end of the lesson, I suggest you download a short version of the lesson in PDF format. Download this file and follow the lesson any time you want.

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