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How to Draw Anime Male Eyes

Ready to learn how to draw anime male eyes that stand out? My lesson is perfect for kids who love creativity and anime.I’ll guide you through every step, showing you how to add that special spark to your anime characters’ eyes. Learn to draw eyes that are not just cool, but also full of life and character.

Join me on an artistic journey to learn how to draw male anime eyes! In this easy-to-follow lesson I’ll teach you two different methods to create eyes that embody the essence of anime characters. Discover techniques that bring your characters to life with expressive and captivating eyes, perfect for budding artists.

simple anime male eyes drawing
how to draw anime male eyes step by step

How to Draw Anime Male Eyes: Basic Information

Are you ready to dive into the world of anime with your pencils and pens? Today, we’re going to embark on an artistic quest to learn how to draw anime male eyes that sparkle with character and emotion!

The eyes in anime are more than just windows to the soul; they’re the coolest feature that can show a character’s spirit and heart. The anime male eye on this picture has its own special vibe, doesn’t it? It’s sharp, focused, and has that unmistakable anime style that we all love.

I’ve put together this lesson so you can learn to draw anime male eyes with a simple method that I’ve cooked up just for you. Step by step, you’ll see how starting with basic lines and shapes comes together to create an eye that’s full of life and ready to tell a story.

By the end of this lesson, you’ll not only be able to draw these eyes but also put your own spin on them. Maybe your anime character is a brave warrior, a wise wizard, or a lightning-fast ninja! So, grab your drawing tools and let’s give your characters the eyes they need to see the world of your imagination!

Anime Male Eyes Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw Anime Male Eyes

  1. Mark the location of eye level.

    First, you need to draw two straight horizontal parallel lines.how to draw anime male eyes

  2. Draw the upper outline of the eyes.

    Depict symmetrical curved lines between the two previously drawn lines.how to draw anime eyes male easy

  3. Start drawing the inside of the eyes.

    Under the previously drawn elements, draw the same arcs, as shown in the figure.how to draw anime eyes male and female

  4. Depict the pupils of the eyes.

    Add two more smaller arcs than previously drawn.how to draw a cute anime eyes

  5. Add the outlines of the eyelids.

    Above the previously drawn outlines of the eyes, draw two short, curved lines.anime male eyes drawing for kids

  6. Sketch out the eyebrows.

    Above each drawn eye, draw the eyebrow with the pointed tip using curved lines.anime male eyes drawing for beginners

  7. Correct inaccuracies.

    Use the eraser to remove auxiliary horizontal lines.anime male eyes drawing for kindergarten

  8. Color the drawing.

    For drawing use brown, black and green, and add the highlights.simple anime male eyes drawing

Additional Content

I’ve created a free downloadable file with a concise version of this lesson on drawing male anime eyes. Once downloaded, you can use it anytime, even without internet access, making it a handy guide for young artists eager to practice their skills anywhere.

Alternative Drawing Method

I’ve crafted an additional method for drawing anime male eyes, providing you with a new avenue to hone your artistic skills. It’s a great opportunity to practice and perfect your ability to capture the distinct expressions and details that make anime eyes so unique and captivating.

How to Draw Anime Boy Eyes

This method of drawing anime male eyes introduces a different approach to shaping and detailing.While the initial technique might focus on sharper lines and a more intense gaze, the second softens the features with gentler curves and less stark contrasts.

The eyelids appear rounder, the highlights in the eyes subtler, and the overall expression is more serene. This approach might suggest a calmer or friendlier character, showcasing how slight changes in drawing style can alter an anime character’s personality.

how to draw anime boy eyes step by step

Common Mistakes

You’ve done an amazing job following along with our anime male eyes drawing adventure. Let’s chat about some sneaky little slip-ups that can happen when drawing anime eyes. Even the best artists can make these mistakes, but knowing them means you’re already on your way to becoming a pro!

  • Too Matchy-Matchy: Remember, no two eyes are exactly the same. If you make them look like twins instead of siblings, your character might look a little robotic. Aim for similar, not identical.
  • Size Matters: If the eyes are too big, your character might look surprised all the time; too small, and they might seem older or less expressive. Find that ‘just right’ size.
  • Shading Shivers: Don’t be shy with your shading! Without enough contrast, your anime eyes might not pop off the page like they should.
  • Highlight Hiccups: Highlights bring life to the eyes, but put them in the wrong spot, and suddenly your character looks like they’re staring at a shiny disco ball instead of the horizon.
  • Lining Up: Eyeliner on point is cool, but if the lines of the eyes are too thick, your character might end up looking more like a panda than a protagonist.

Now that you know what pitfalls to dodge, you’re all set to sketch some stunning anime eyes. Keep practicing, and remember, every mistake is just a step towards mastering your art. So, grab your drawing tools and let’s turn those ‘oops’ into ‘wows’! Happy drawing!

Now that you’ve learned how to draw anime male eyes, you’re ready to place them on a complete anime face. Just imagine the character you can bring to life with your newfound skills!


You’ve taken a fantastic leap into drawing anime male eyes, and I bet they look absolutely epic. But don’t let your creativity stop here—there’s a whole world of anime drawing waiting for you! If you enjoyed this, why not check out other fun tutorials on my website? You could learn to draw sleek anime hair or even an entire anime girl.

Also, make sure you stay in the loop by following my social media. That way, you won’t miss out on any new lessons that might spark your next artistic adventure. Keep those pencils moving and your imagination flowing! See you next time!

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