How to Draw Ghost Rider

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In this tutorial you will learn how to draw Ghost Rider in just nine very easy steps. Start this lesson and get useful skills.

ghost rider drawing in color
how to draw ghost rider step by step

Now I will show you how to draw Ghost Rider. This is a popular comic book character published by Marvel Comics. We know that this is a stunt rider who has supernatural strength and stamina.

Ghost Rider has an unusual appearance. It’s a skeleton on fire. In general, this superhero has an intimidating appearance. But in our lesson, he is not scary at all, because he is made in a cartoon style. You can easily draw this character.

The guide is designed in such a way that any aspiring artist can follow all the steps. Be patient and attentive at every step and you will get a great result.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 25 minutes.

How to Draw Ghost Rider

  1. Draw an oval for the face.

    Depict a smooth line of the same shape as shown in the to draw ghost rider easy

  2. Depict the flame on the head.

    With the help of freeform lines draw flames on the to draw ghost rider realistic

  3. Sketch out the torso.

    The body is relatively to draw ghost rider full body

  4. Add the legs.

    With the help of several lines draw short to draw ghost rider step by step easy

  5. Draw the shoes.

    Depict shoes of a rounded shape, while the feet are turned in different to draw ghost rider full body easy

  6. Sketch out the arm.

    The arms are small and close to the to draw ghost rider cartoon

  7. Add the flame to the hands.

    Using jagged freeform lines, depict the small flame on each to draw ghost rider sketch

  8. Draw the elements of the face.

    Depict the eyes, small nose, and wide mouth.ghost rider drawing easy

  9. Color the Ghost Rider.

    Use shades of gray for the skeleton and clothes. Color the flames yellow and the eyes red.ghost rider drawing in color

I have prepared a PDF file for you that contains a short version of this guide and additional useful tools. You can download this file for free and follow the lesson at any time.

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