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How to Draw Pusheen

In today’s tutorial, I’ll show you how to draw Pusheen in just nine easy steps. I am sure that this step by step will be useful for you.

pusheen drawing tutorial
how to draw pusheen step by step

In this tutorial, I will show you how to draw Pusheen. With the help of simple instructions, you will quickly complete this lesson and get pleasant emotions from the creative process.

Pusheen is a popular character in comics, cartoons, and social media sticker packs. Surely you have repeatedly met this cute cat and you will be interested in learning how to draw Pusheen step by step.

Now the image of this cat can be seen on various household items and clothes, there are also toys in the image of this cat. In this tutorial, you will draw Pusheen holding a heart in his paws. It looks very cute!

Pusheen’s fur is grey. The head smoothly merges into the body. The cat has a small muzzle and short ears and paws. All elements are very simple and you can easily repeat them.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw Pusheen

  1. Draw the outline of the torso.

    Using smooth lines sketch out the head and torso, which are one object.how to draw pusheen the cat

  2. Depict the hind legs.

    Draw two small ovals at the bottom.how to draw pusheen draw so cute

  3. Sketch out the tail.

    Draw two short lines from the bottom of the torso and add an oval.how to draw pusheen easy

  4. Add one front paw.

    Approximately in the middle of the body, depict a small oval.how to draw pusheen art hub

  5. Depict the second front paw.

    Repeat the previous step and add the second paw of the same size.how to draw pusheen cat

  6. Sketch out the heart.

    With the help of smooth lines draw a heart that is in the cat’s paws.how to draw pusheen cute

  7. Add the elements of the muzzle.

    Draw round eyes, the small mouth, and three stripes on the head.how to draw pusheen cat for beginners

  8. Add details.

    Sketch out the mustache and short stripes.how to draw a cute pusheen

  9. Color the Pusheen.

    You will need several shades of pink.pusheen drawing tutorial

Pusheen is ready! Hope you get a great drawing. Share your opinion about this lesson in the comments. I suggest you download the short version of the lesson as a PDF file. This will help you return to the lesson at any convenient time.

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