How to Draw a School Bus Step by Step

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In this drawing lesson, you will learn how to draw a school bus step by step. This lesson will be very useful for each of you!

school bus drawing lesson
how to draw a school bus step by step

I am glad to offer you this wonderful drawing lesson, in which I will tell and show you how to draw a school bus step by step. I created this lesson specifically for children and beginner artists, so it contains fairly simple elements.

The school bus is a bus designed for the organized transport of children to educational institutions, places of excursions, as well as various educational and recreational activities. Surely, many of you have ever ridden in school buses.

Most often, school buses are yellow. In this lesson, you will learn how to draw a student bus, and then you can use these skills to draw your pictures in the future.

You can use the school bus as the main subject of your drawing, or you can add it as part of your drawing of a cityscape, road, nature scene, or any other object.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a School Bus Step by Step

  1. Draw the outline of the bus.

    Depict some straight lines and connect them with rounded to draw a school bus for kindergarten

  2. Add the outline of the bus windows.

    At the top of the bus outline, draw a shape that looks like a rectangle without a to draw a school bus realistic

  3. Depict dividing lines between windows.

    Inside the previously drawn shape, add some straight parallel vertical to draw a school bus cartoon

  4. Sketch out the school bus wheels.

    At the bottom of the bus, draw two identical wheels using circles of different to draw a school bus simple

  5. Draw the headlights and the side mirror.

    To add these elements, use straight lines, as shown in the to draw a school bus art hub

  6. Add details.

    Draw straight lines and arcs at the bottom of the bus. Add ovals and straight lines at the to draw a school bus for kids

  7. Complete the drawing with decorative elements.

    Draw an oval, straight and curved lines in front of the bus. Add straight to draw a school bus easy

  8. Correct inaccuracies.

    Use the eraser to remove all unnecessary bus drawing tutorial

  9. Color the drawing.

    To color the school bus use yellow, blue, red, black, and shades of bus drawing lesson

As usual, I have prepared a PDF file for you, where you can find a short version of this tutorial and additional useful materials that will help you improve your skills as an artist.

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