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How to Draw Steam

Join me for a fun lesson on how to draw steam! Perfect for young artists, our steps will help you create steam that looks like it’s floating right off the page.

With my step-by-step guide, you’ll master the art of making your drawings feel warm and lively. Whether it’s steam from a locomotive or the inviting swirls from a hot cup of cocoa, our tutorial is perfect for kids who want to add a touch of cozy warmth to their artwork.

steam drawing tutorial
how to draw steam step by step

How to Draw Steam: Basic Information

Today, we’re on a steamy adventure to learn how to draw steam, that wispy, floating magic that rises from all things warm and toasty. Steam is not just about heat; it’s the cool way things like a hot cup of cocoa say, ‘Hello, I’m warm!’

We’ll take a journey through drawing steam, starting with the thin lines that show it lifting off into the air. I’ve made sure that my method to draw steam is super simple, so you can follow along and watch as your steam takes on a life of its own. We’ll add those puffy, cloud-like shapes that gently rise and give your steam that fluffy, floating look.

Drawing steam is like capturing the air’s whisper—it’s pretty magical! And by following my steps to draw steam, you’ll be able to bring a warm, lively touch to your art. So, let’s get our pencils ready and sketch steam that looks like it’s swirling right off the page, bringing warmth and movement to your wonderful drawings!

Steam Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw Steam

  1. Draw the bottom of the steam.

    Depict the small horizontal line and add smooth lines at the top to depict the column of steam.how to draw cartoon steam

  2. Depict the cloud of the steam.

    At the top of the column, depict the cloud of the steam using jagged wavy lines.how to draw realistic steam

  3. Add the bottom of the steam cloud.

    Draw another wavy line as shown in the example.how to draw steam for kids

  4. Detail the steam column.

    Carefully draw a few thin longitudinal lines.how to draw steam for beginners

  5. Sketch out the steam clouds.

    At the bottom of the drawing, add few more clouds of the steam of different sizes.how to draw steam for kindergarten

  6. Detail the steam cloud.

    Add many short, curved lines to the top cloud of the steam.steam drawing lesson

  7. Color the drawing.

    For coloring, you will need a light blue color.steam drawing tutorial

Additional Content

I’ve put together a free PDF file for all the aspiring young artists out there! This easy-to-follow guide is packed with all the steps you need to learn how to draw steam, and it’s absolutely free.

You can download it and start practicing right away, no internet connection needed. So whether you’re at home, on a trip, or just away from the web, you can keep honing your awesome drawing skills!

Steamy Illustration Ideas for Kids

And just like that, you’ve got the steam rising up, up, up into the air! You’ve done a fantastic job, but let’s not stop there. Steam can come from all sorts of places, and you can depict it to make your scenes come alive. Here are some cool ideas where your steam can be the star of the show:

  • Hot chocolate on a chilly day: Depict a mug with steam curling up to show how warm it is.
  • Train chugging along: Sketch a locomotive with steam puffing out as it rolls down the tracks.
  • Pot of soup in the kitchen: How about some steam rising from a pot on the stove? It’ll look like dinner is almost ready!
  • Morning coffee: Show a peaceful morning with a cup of coffee and steam gently rising above it.

With every puff of steam you sketch, your pictures get more real and more amazing. Remember, the more you practice, the better you’ll get, so keep those pencils twirling and let your imagination boil over with ideas.


Well done on completing our steam drawing lesson! Remember, there’s always more to learn and create, so why not check out the other amazing lessons available on my website? Whether you love doodling dragons or sketching stars, there’s plenty to keep your pencils busy.

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